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Sim City 3k

Here is the full list of cheats for SC3k. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C until a small text box appears in the upper-left corner of your screen. Now type in a cheat and press ENTER to activate the cheat. If you have any questions e-mail me



    i am weak Everything is free. call cousin Vinnie In 'Meet' window, you'll be offered some cash. zyxwvu Use the above cheat, but decline the cash. Then enter this cheat to get the Sim City Castle. garbage in, garbage out All garbage buildings available. power to the masses All power plants available. water in the desert All water plants available. nerdz rool All industry becomes High Tech. pay tribute to your king Gives all rewards. salt on Makes all water salty. salt off Makes all water fresh. I love red tape Description of city hall becomes "miles and miles of red tape" Also takes you back to 1900 let's make a deal All of the connected petitioniers start making deals with you ufo swarm Set 'Disaster' to UFO for tons of UFOs the birds Flock of birds flies over city stop forcing advice Makes Advisors stop advising force mortimer to say (XXXX) Mortimer will say (XXXX) force gus to say (XXXX) Gus will say (XXXX) force constance to say (XXXX) Constance will say (XXXX) force karen to say (XXXX) Karen will say (XXXX) force randall to say (XXXX) Randall will say (XXXX) Terrain one up raises the terrain up one level. Terrain one down lowers the terrain one down. Terrain ten up raises the terrain up ten notches. Terrain ten down lowers the terrain down ten notches.

-The following codes are entered also entered using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C but prompt various messages on the news ticker.

easter egg
will wright
electronic arts
simon says

To Add every building to the Landmarks window (and remove the 10-landmark limit):

Open the Power Plant window (under Utilities Menu), and then close it with the X button in the top right corner. Now open the Rewards & Opportunities window (under Civic & Special menu), and then close it with the X button. Go back to the Utilities menu and open the Garbage Disposal window, and then close it with the X button. Now finally, go back to the Civic & Special buildings menu and open the Landmarks window. You should notice that the list of landmarks has grown considerably. This code makes all of the structures in the game available to place at your free will (and at free cost) anywhere on your city map. Also, the quantity restraints have been lifted, so you can place as many landmarks or structures as you want.Structures and landmarks may be duplicated.

To Download new terrains and cities try the official SC 3000 site

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