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Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Knock out computer's harverster:

If you can hit the computers harvester with your pulse cannon, it will never move again.

Double the range of your disk throwers:

In order for this trick to work you must have some disk throwers
(this works best with flat terrain). Then send them out to battle.
Press the [Ctrl] key and force fire toward your target (not at the target.
Aim for the ground in front of it).
The discs will bounce off of the ground and if you aimed right, hit the target.
With this, you can destroy those laser cannons or light towers without getting fired at or detected.

Infinite Firestorm Wall:

To get infinite firestorm wall first let your firestorm charge up all the way.
Then turn it on and sell or turn off some of your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the box.

Your firestorm wall will stay on forever and will not go down until the power comes back.

Kill a Cyborg Commando in One Hit:

If you want to kill a Cyborg Commando, with out losing all of your units, there is a very simple way to do it.
(You have to be able to build a GDI Firestorm Wall Generator, and Firestorm wall sections.) First fortify your base and build it up until you have the
option to build a Firestorm wall, and sections, then build firestorm walls across any sections where an enemy can get into your base.
When a Cyborg Commando is over one of the sections turn the Firestorm generator on and Blam! All of your problems are solved.

Cripple Enemy in Skirmish:

If NOD during a skirmish map find the Construction Yard and the Weapons Factory they are always very close.
Send the Subterranian APC with 3 Engineers A Cyborg Commando and a Highjacker.
Have a Oblisk of Light ready get in grab the weapons factory and Construction Yard (YOU MUST GET THIS ONE, WEAPONS FACTORY IS OPTIONAL) and put the oblisk at their base, you should now have the upper hand.
This doesn't work if there is a pavement around it.

Hijacking Vehicles:

Take a Mutant Hijacker into a city and find a car, truck or a bus, and select it. Now you have control over the Vehicle. You can use them as transports.

Infinite chemical bombs:

Take a cyborg into the tiberium where you get chemical energy from (orange). When your harvester (chemical harvester) comes along get it to run over your man.
Use force move for this. The harvester should then get a full tank of ore, and go to near one of those annoying round blobs that kill you. Let the blob kill the harvester and watch the ore spill onto the ground.
Then get another chemical harvester to be taken down to a red energy bar by the blob. Once done it should then pick up the ore left by the previous harvester.
This ore will never run out, so your harvester will be sitting in the refinery forever getting rid of its load.

(Only for GDI missions and skirmish): For Infinate Light Infantry: type "Lock On Target" as fast as you can. Note: You only have 3 seconds to type it.

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