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Deus Ex

I would first backup the user.ini file. You need to use a text editor (like Word or Notepad) to edit the user.ini file in the deusex/system folder (attempt this completely at your own risk). Change an empty key binding from (example) 't=' to 't=talk' (do this for all occurrences of 't=' within the file). Press T during game play, press Backspace to remove the word "Say" from the talk window, then type set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True to enable cheat mode.

Now press T again and enter one the cheats below.
god             God mode
invisible       invisibility
ghost           Alows you to fly through walls
iamwarren       turn on EMP field
allskillpoints  gives all skill points
allweapons      gives all weapons
allammo         refill ammo
allaugs         all basic augmentations
tantalus        kill current target
opensesame      unlock targeted door
open            Level and FMV sequence select (see list below)
legend          secret menu
allhealth       full health
allenergy       full energy
allcredits      10000 credits
allimages       all images
Fly             Flight mode (have a weapon selected before you use this cheat because you won't be able to select or change your weapon in flight. Also, you won't be able to open doors in flight)
walk            No flight mode  
behindview 1    3rd person view 
behindview 0    No 3rd person view   
summon X        where X is an item, summon item (see list below)
spawnmass X X   spawn a mass of enemies (X is name of item) (other X is quantity of item)
allskills       It gives you full skill points and upgrades them all

Entire Item List

Summon Name     Item Name
AcousticSensor "Gunfire Acoustic Sensor"
AdaptiveArmor "Thermoptic Camo"
AIPrototype "AI Prototype"
AlarmLight "Alarm Light"
AlarmUnit "Alarm Sounder Panel"
AlexJacobson "Alex Jacobson"
Ammo10mm "10mm Ammo"
Ammo20mm "20mm HE Ammo"
Ammo3006 "30.06 Ammo"
Ammo762mm "7.62x51mm Ammo"
AmmoBattery "Prod Charger"
AmmoDart "Darts"
AmmoDartFlare "Flare Darts"
AmmoDartPoison "Tranquilizer Darts"
AmmoEMPGrenade "EMP Grenade"
AmmoGasGrenade "Gas Grenade"
AmmoNanoVirusGrenade "Scramble Grenade"
AmmoNapalm "Napalm Canister"
AmmoPepper "Pepper Cartridge"
AmmoPlasma "Plasma Clip"
AmmoRocket "Rockets"
AmmoRocketWP "WP Rockets"
AmmoSabot "12 Gauge Sabot Shells"
AmmoShell "12 Gauge Buckshot Shells"
AnnaNavarre "Anna Navarre"
ATM "Public Banking Terminal"
AttackHelicopter "Attack Helicopter"
AutoTurret "Turret Base"
AutoTurretGun "Autonomous Defense Turret"
BallisticArmor "Ballistic Armor"
Barrel1 "Barrel"
BarrelAmbrosia "Ambrosia Storage Container"
BarrelFire "Burning Barrel"
BarrelVirus "NanoVirus Storage Container"
Bartender "Bartender"
Basket "Wicker Basket"
Basketball "Basketball"
Binoculars "Binoculars"
BioelectricCell "Bioelectric Cell"
BoatPerson "Boat Person"
BobPage "Bob Page"
BobPageAugmented "Augmented Bob Page"
BoneFemur "Human Femur"
BoneSkull "Human Skull"
BookClosed "Book"
BookOpen "Book"
BoxLarge "Cardboard Box"
BoxMedium "Cardboard Box"
BoxSmall "Cardboard Box"
BumFemale "Bum"
BumMale "Bum"
BumMale2 "Older Bum"
BumMale3 "Bum"
Businessman1 "Businessman"
Businessman2 "Businessman"
Businessman3 "Businessman"
Businesswoman1 "Businesswoman"
Butler "Butler"
Button1 "Button"
CageLight "Light Fixture"
Candybar "Candy Bar"
Cart "Utility Push-Cart"
Cat "Cat"
CeilingFan "Ceiling Fan Blades"
CeilingFanMotor "Ceiling Fan Motor"
Chad "Chad"
Chair1 "Chair"
ChairLeather "Comfy Chair"
Chandelier "Chandelier"
Chef "Chef"
ChildMale "Child"
ChildMale2 "Child"
CigaretteMachine "Cigarette Machine"
Cigarettes "Cigarettes"
CleanerBot "Cleaner Bot"
ClothesRack "Hanging Clothes"
CoffeeTable "Coffee Table"
ComputerPersonal "Personal Computer Terminal"
ComputerPublic "Public Computer Terminal"
ComputerSecurity "Security Computer Terminal"
ControlPanel "Electronic Control Panel"
Cop "Cop"
CouchLeather "Leather Couch"
CrateBreakableMedCombat "Combat Supply Crate"
CrateBreakableMedGeneral "General Supply Crate"
CrateBreakableMedMedical "Medical Supply Crate"
CrateExplosiveSmall "TNT Crate"
CrateUnbreakableLarge "Metal Crate"
CrateUnbreakableMed "Metal Crate"
CrateUnbreakableSmall "Metal Crate"
Credits "Credit Chit"
Cushion "Floor Cushion"
Dart "Dart"
DartFlare "Flare Dart"
DartPoison "Tranquilizer Dart"
DataCube "DataCube"
DentonClone "JC Denton Clone"
Doberman "Doberman"
Doctor "Doctor"
EMPGrenade "Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenade"
Fan1 "Fan"
Fan1Vertical "Fan"
Fan2 "Fan"
Faucet "Faucet"
Female1 "Female"
Female2 "Female"
Female3 "Female"
Female4 "Female"
FireExtinguisher "Fire Extinguisher"
FlagPole "Flag Pole"
Flare "Flare"
Flask "Lab Flask"
Fleshfragment "Bits of Flesh"
Flowers "Flowers"
Fly "Fly"
FordSchick "Ford Schick"
GarySavage "Gary Savage"
GasGrenade "Gas Grenade"
GilbertRenton "Gilbert Renton"
GordonQuick "Gordon Quick"
Gray "Gray"
Greasel "Greasel"
GuntherHermann "Gunther Hermann"
HangingChicken "Slaughtered Chicken"
HangingShopLight "Flourescent Light"
HarleyFilben "Harley Filben"
HazMatSuit "Hazmat Suit"
HKBirdcage "Birdcage"
HKBuddha "Buddha Statue"
HKChair "Chair"
HKCouch "Bench"
HKHangingLantern "Paper Lantern"
HKHangingLantern2 "Paper Lantern"
HKHangingPig "Slaughtered Pig"
HKIncenseBurner "Incense Burner"
HKMarketLight "Hanging Light"
HKMarketTable "Table"
HKMarketTarp "Canvas Tarp"
HKMilitary "Chinese Military"
HKTable "Table"
HKTukTuk "TukTuk"
Hooker1 "Hooker"
Hooker2 "Hooker"
HowardStrong "Howard Strong"
JaimeReyes "Jaime Reyes"
Janitor "Janitor"
JCDouble "JC Denton"
Jock "Jock"
JoeGreene "Joe Greene"
JoJoFine "JoJo Fine"
JordanShea "Jordan Shea"
JosephManderley "Joseph Manderley"
JuanLebedev "Juan Lebedev"
JunkieFemale "Junkie"
JunkieMale "Junkie"
Karkian "Karkian"
KarkianBaby "Baby Karkian"
Keypad "Security Keypad"
LAM "Lightweight Attack Munition (LAM)"
Lamp1 "Table Lamp"
Lamp2 "Halogen Lamp"
Lamp3 "Desk Lamp"
Lightbulb "Light Bulb"
LightSwitch "Switch"
Liquor40oz "Forty"
LiquorBottle "Liquor"
Lockpick "Lockpick"
LowerClassFemale "Lower Class"
LowerClassMale "Lower Class"
LowerClassMale2 "Lower Class"
LuciusDeBeers "Lucius De Beers in a life support tube"
MaggieChow "Maggie Chow"
Maid "Maid"
Mailbox "Mailbox"
Male1 "Male"
Male2 "Male"
Male3 "Male"
Male4 "Male"
MargaretWilliams "Margaret Williams"
MaxChen "Max Chen"
Mechanic "Mechanic"
MedicalBot "Medical Bot"
MedKit "Medkit"
MIB "Man In Black"
MichaelHamner "Michael Hamner"
Microscope "Microscope"
MilitaryBot "Military Bot"
MiniSub "Mini-Submarine"
MJ12Commando "MJ12 Commando"
MJ12Troop "MJ12 Troop"
MorganEverett "Morgan Everett"
Multitool "Multitool"
Mutt "Dog"
NanoKey "NanoKey"
NanoVirusGrenade "Scramble Grenade"
NathanMadison "Nathan Madison"
Newspaper "Newspaper"
NewspaperOpen "Newspaper"
NicoletteDuClare "Nicolette DuClare"
Nurse "Nurse"
NYPoliceBoat "Police Boat"
OfficeChair "Swivel Chair"
Pan1 "Frying Pan"
Pan2 "Pot"
Pan3 "Frying Pan"
Pan4 "Pot"
PaulDenton "Paul Denton"
PhilipMead "Philip Mead"
Phone "Telephone"
Pigeon "Pigeon"
Pillow "Pillow"
Pinball "Pinball Machine"
Plant1 "Houseplant"
Plant2 "Houseplant"
Plant3 "Houseplant"
Poolball "Poolball"
PoolTableLight "Hanging Light"
Pot1 "Clay Pot"
Pot2 "Clay Pot"
POVCorpse "body"
RachelMead "Rachel Mead"
Rat "Rat"
Rebreather "Rebreather"
RepairBot "Repair Bot"
RetinalScanner "Retinal Scanner"
RiotCop "Riot Cop"
RoadBlock "Concrete Barricade"
Sailor "Sailor"
SamCarter "Sam Carter"
SandraRenton "Sandra Renton"
SarahMead "Sarah Mead"
ScientistFemale "Scientist"
ScientistMale "Scientist"
ScubaDiver "Scuba Diver"
Seagull "Seagull"
Secretary "Secretary"
SecretService "Secret Service Agent"
SecurityBot2 "Security Bot"
SecurityBot3 "Security Bot"
SecurityBot4 "Security Bot"
SecurityCamera "Surveillance Camera"
ShipsWheel "Ship's Wheel"
ShopLight "Flourescent Light"
ShowerFaucet "Shower Faucet"
ShowerHead "Shower Head"
Shuriken "Throwing Knife"
SignFloor "Caution Sign"
Smuggler "Smuggler"
Sodacan "Soda"
Soldier "Soldier"
SoyFood "Soy Food"
SpiderBot "SpiderBot"
SpiderBot2 "Mini-SpiderBot"
SpyDrone "Remote Spy Drone"
StantonDowd "Stanton Dowd"
SubwayControlPanel "Subway Control Panel"
Switch1 "Switch"
Switch2 "Switch"
TAD "Telephone Answering Machine"
TechGoggles "Tech Goggles"
Terrorist "Terrorist"
TerroristCommander "Terrorist Commander"
ThugMale "Thug"
ThugMale2 "Thug"
ThugMale3 "Thug"
TiffanySavage "Tiffany Savage"
TobyAtanwe "Toby Atanwe"
Toilet "Toilet"
Toilet2 "Urinal"
TracerTong "Tracer Tong"
TrafficLight "Traffic Light"
Trashbag "Trashbag"
Trashbag2 "Trashbag"
TrashCan1 "Trashcan"
Trashcan2 "Trashcan"
TrashCan3 "Trashcan"
TrashCan4 "Trashcan"
TrashPaper "Paper"
TriadLumPath "Gang Member"
TriadLumPath2 "Gang Leader"
TriadRedArrow "Gang Member"
Trophy "Trophy Cup"
Tumbleweed "Tumbleweed"
Valve "Valve"
Van "Black Van"
Vase1 "Vase"
Vase2 "Vase"
VendingMachine "Vending Machine"
VialAmbrosia "Ambrosia Vial"
VialCrack "Zyme Vial"
WaltonSimons "Walton Simons"
WaterCooler "Water Cooler"
WaterFountain "Water Fountain"
WeaponAssaultGun "Assault Rifle"
WeaponAssaultShotgun "Assault Shotgun"
WeaponBaton "Baton"
WeaponCombatKnife "Combat Knife"
WeaponCrowbar "Crowbar"
WeaponEMPGrenade "Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenade"
WeaponFlamethrower "Flamethrower"
WeaponGasGrenade "Gas Grenade"
WeaponGEPGun "Guided Explosive Projectile (GEP) Gun"
WeaponHideAGun "PS20"
WeaponLAM "Lightweight Attack Munitions (LAM)"
WeaponLAW "Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW)"
WeaponMiniCrossbow "Mini-Crossbow"
WeaponModAccuracy "Weapon Modification (Accuracy)"
WeaponModClip "Weapon Modification (Clip)"
WeaponModLaser "Weapon Modification (Laser)"
WeaponModRange "Weapon Modification (Range)"
WeaponModRecoil "Weapon Modification (Recoil)"
WeaponModReload "Weapon Modification (Reload)"
WeaponModScope "Weapon Modification (Scope)"
WeaponModSilencer "Weapon Modification (Silencer)"
WeaponNanoSword "Dragon's Tooth Sword"
WeaponNanoVirusGrenade "Scramble Grenade"
WeaponPepperGun "Pepper Gun"
WeaponPistol "Pistol"
WeaponPlasmaRifle "Plasma Rifle"
WeaponProd "Riot Prod"
WeaponRifle "Sniper Rifle"
WeaponSawedOffShotgun "Sawed-off Shotgun"
WeaponShuriken "Throwing Knives"
WeaponStealthPistol "Stealth Pistol"
WeaponSword "Sword"
WHBenchEast "Bench"
WHBenchLibrary "Bench"
WHBookstandLibrary "Bookstand"
WHCabinet "Cabinet"
WHChairDining "Chair"
WHChairOvalOffice "Leather Chair"
WHChairPink "Chair"
WHDeskLibrarySmall "Desk"
WHDeskOvalOffice "Desk"
WHEndtableLibrary "Table"
WHFireplaceGrill "Fireplace Grating"
WHFireplaceLog "Log"
WHPhone "Telephone"
WHPiano "Grand Piano"
WHRedCandleabra "Candelabra"
WHRedCouch "Couch"
WHRedEagleTable "Table"
WHRedLampTable "Table"
WHRedOvalTable "Table"
WHRedVase "Vase"
WHTableBlue "Table"
WIB "Woman In Black"
WineBottle "Wine"
Woodfragment "Shards of Wood"

Augmentation Titles:
Use one of the following augmentation titles with the augadd code.

*Note: Some augmentations will overwrite the position of existing augmentations.

Augmentation Title    Effect   
AugCombat             Combat Strength (More melee strength and damage)   
AugMuscle             Microfibral Muscle (More lifting strength)  
AugBallistic          Ballistic Shield (Protected from physical projectiles/weapons)   
AugShield             Energy Shield (Protected from energy projectiles/weapons)   
AugCloak              Cloak (Concealment from organic entities)  
AugRadarTrans         Radar Transparency (Concealment from mechanical entities)   
AugHeartlung          Synthetic Heart (Upgrade performance of all augmentations)   
AugPower              Power Recirculator (Reduce power cost of all augmentations)   
AugAqualung           Swim better   
AugHealing            Increased healing rate   
AugEnviro             Environmental resistance   
AugEMP                EMP Shield (Protects from EMP damage)   
AugTarget             Targeting (Provide info on target and increases accuracy)   
AugVision             Vision Enhancement (see through walls, night vision, etc.)   
AugDefense            Aggressive Defense System (Protect against missiles and grenades)   
AugDrone              Spy Drone (Launch a drone for reconnaissance, disabling cameras and turrets, etc.)   
AugStealth            Run silently   
AugSpeed              Run faster    
Level Titles:
Use one of the following level names with the open code.


I Got Skillz:
This is sort of a glitch but very useful. When you are at the underwater ocean lab and you have completed your objectives leave to go meet Jock and Gary Savage at the helicopter. Before you talk to Gary Savage, make sure you have no spare spots in your inventory and that you rescued his daughter on the mission before this one. Now go talk to him and he will try to give you an upgrade canister but JC will say he needs to make room. You will be given 500 skillpoints, but dont make room for the canister! Talk to him again and you will get another 500 skill points. Keep talking to him again and again to get as many points as you want.

I Got Skillz Again?:
Level 12, Vanderberg Air Force Base -Go to the first generator, and activate it with the code (5868).You should be rewarded with 100 skill points. If you keep pressing the 'Use' button, you will be rewarded 100 skill points every time. You can bind 'Use' to a key, like the Return key, then put something heavy enough on the key so it stays depressed, and leave the computer alone for a few minutes. You should get around 100,000 skill points. More than enough to master every possible skill.

Note: If it doesn't work, try hacking the generator with one or two tools. That was the way I tried, and it worked. There seems to be a bug in the bug, as I couldn't save the game after that, and the sound disapeared. It seemed to work after I killed a few guards and moved away from my previous save.

Lots of Stuff From a Crate:
Find a crate with something in it (those wooden ones) Carry it and walk to a map change point. Now go back to the previous map and you will find the item the crate will have duplicated on the floor. E.g. a lockpick crate will drop a lockpick. This can be repeated unlimited times.

Inventory Trick:
There is a way to carry virtually an unlimited quantity of items. When your inventory is full and you can pick no more items, then: Open the inventory window. Select the object that occupies most space (GEP gun for example). Left click on it to select and keep holding the left mouse button. Drag the object away from the inventory screen (from the invetory slots, to the right part of the screen for example, where the description is) and then press the right mouse button. Press the exit button on top of the menu bar to return to game. Pick the object that previously was unpickable. Hint: This way you can have both Plasma rifle and Gep gun, occuping the same space. Note, the TRICKED object, will go behind the one you used to free space, and you won't be able to select it through inventory screen. So, make sure that all weapons object that were picked this way, are accessable through the shortcut bar in the game (for this, empty one shortcut slot and then pick the weapon, it will automatically be placed in the free slot). The trick can be repeated as many times as you like uncluding with the same object (Behind the GEP gun, you can place Plasma rifle and Asault rifle, for example).

Augmentations Upgrades:
There is a way to freely upgrade all augmentations you have, so before doing it, make sure you have installed all augmentations you want. When you finish the mission in Hong Kong (after establishing the truce between the triads and doing all you have to do at versalife), return to Tracer Tong's bace, and go to the infirmary (it's on the way to the chamber where your kill-switch has been removed). There you'll meet Jaime Reyes, the doctor from UNATCO, before talking to him, make sure you have no free space in the inventory. Talk to him, he will give you the upgrade cannister, dropping it on the floor. Talk to him as many times as you like and you'll receive unlimited number of upgrade canisters.